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Special Education Questionnaire

Please note there is no limit to the amount of information you can enter. The boxes will scroll as necessary as you add additional information.

Student Information

  1. Age, Grade.

  2. If the student has repeated any grade(s), which grade(s) were repeated and when?

  3. Why does the student qualify for special education -- what are his or her qualifying eligibility(ies)?

  4. When (grade, year) did student first receive special education?

  5. Schools student has attended since kindergarten.

  6. School student will attend next school year.

  7. Placement.
    General education class
    Self contained class (8 or fewer students)
    Mixture of general ed and pull out

  8. Name of school, address, phone and fax numbers.

  9. High school your school feeds into.

  10. Current Principal and student's teachers.

  11. Student's class(es).

  12. Evaluation Specialist (ES) at school (Albuquerque Public Schools only), and phone number.

  13. Program Support Specialist for Cluster (PSS) (Albuquerque Public Schools only), and phone number.

  14. How many IEPs have you attended for student this school year?

  15. Date of current IEP and how long (number of hours) were meeting(s) for current IEP?

  16. Is the IEP as written appropriate to meet student's educational needs?
    Yes No

    If not, why not?

  17. Is IEP being implemented or followed by School?
    Yes No

  18. If there are problems with the implementation, what are they?

  19. What related services does student receive?
    Occupational therapy (OT)
    Speech & language therapy
    Physical therapy (PT)
    Assistive Technology (AT)
    Adaptive Physical Education (APE)

  20. Does student have a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)?
    Yes No

  21. If the student has any disciplinary problems at school, please describe.

  22. If the student has been suspended from school, how many times this year, and the total number of days suspended this school year?

  23. Can student read well?
    Yes No

  24. Can student spell well?
    Yes No

  25. Is student's handwriting legible?
    Yes No

  26. Is student's handwriting slow or laborious?
    Yes No

  27. Can student do written work easily?
    Yes No

  28. What is student working on in math?

  29. How are student's math skills?

  30. What does student have trouble with at school?

  31. How does student do with homework?

  32. If the student takes any medications, which medication, why, and who is the prescribing doctor?

  33. What kinds of grades is student receiving?

  34. Is parent receiving progress reports (at same intervals as grade cards) describing student's progress toward IEP goals?
    Yes No

  35. Does student like or dislike school?
    Likes school
    Dislikes school

  36. What does the student like about school?

  37. What does the student dislike about school?

  38. Please list any individual(s) who work with student at school who you trust and feel best understand student's educational needs. What is this person s job at the school?

  39. If you have filed a state level complaint, what was the result?

  40. If you previously filed a due process request, what was the result?

  41. Have you worked with any organizations on the student's problem?
    Yes No

    If yes, which ones?
    Parents Reaching Out (PRO)
    Parents for Behaviorally Different Children (PBDC)
    Southwest Branch of International Dyslexia Association (SWIDA)
    New Mexico Learning Disabilities Association (NMLDA)
    New Mexico Autism Society
    If other, which organization(s)?

  42. Do you believe your child's educational needs are met at school?
    Yes No

  43. If no, which needs are not being met?

  44. What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish?

  45. Please describe your child's emotional health at the present time as relates to school.

  46. Please add any other information you feel is important.


WARNING: The privileged information transmitted via the form below is not secure or encrypted. If you feel uncomfortable providing any of the information below, please leave it blank. If you prefer, you may also provide this information via fax, telephone or by visiting our office. Submitting a questionnaire does not create an agreement by you or our office to provide legal representation on any matter.


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