The first duty
of society is Justice

Alexander Hamilton

About Us

We are a small law firm based in Albuquerque, New Mexico and we represent people who have been harmed by governments (federal, state, or local), employers, school systems, and others who may have violated the state or federal Constitution, statutes, regulations, and court decisions (common law).


Sexual and other kinds of harassment at work or other places. As you can see from our “Common Questions” section, words and phrases like “harassment” and “hostile work environment” can have unique and specific legal definitions which would seem unusual to most people, especially those victimized. We can help make sure you realize the differences to your advantage.


Discrimination at work or other places. Employers, governments, retail establishments, and other public places cannot treat people differently because of race, sex, national origin, age, disability and other protected categories. We can help you if you’ve been treated illegally.


Whistleblower and other retaliation. Employers and governments – both state and federal – cannot retaliate against employees and sometimes others for raising matters of public – not just personal – concern. Not every complaint is “whistleblowing.” We can help you understand the difference.


Education for students with disabilities is a civil right. Each public school in New Mexico is required to provide appropriate education to all students. If your child’s school is pushing your son or daughter out of the educational process, through things like not following the IEP or physically restraining your child, or frequently suspending your child — the school is likely in violation of federal law (IDEA or Section 504) and we want to help you achieve a solution.


Security clearances. Issues involving DOE or DOD security clearances, especially for employees of national laboratories (Sandia, or Los Alamos) or their subcontractors. We can help you retain or recover clearances, particularly if steps are taken early enough in the process.

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