Steven Granberg

Attorney at Law, P.A.


How We Handle Cases

Here is how we usually handle inquiries — phone calls, emails and questionnaires. These procedures, however, are not set in stone. They may vary according to the nature of the case and the individual client.

We try to respond to all inquiries. If you call us, one of us may go through a questionnaire with you in a complete or in a shorthand fashion.

We usually don’t charge any fees for initial phone call inquiries or responding to questionnaires. As you might imagine, these initial discussions are usually brief, but sometimes they will resolve the issue by telling you whether or not you have a claim worth pursuing.

The second step of the process is required if we need to review documents and get more information. We usually, but not always, charge people on an hourly basis to look over materials, perhaps do some brief research, and to talk with you or other key witnesses.

At the end of the second step, we (you and us) decide whether there is a case worth pursuing, and whether you want us to represent you. We then agree on the way the firm will be compensated. There are basically three options with the first two overlapping. We may take the case on a contingency fee basis, which means the firm gets a percentage of the total recovery. If the law allows us to get attorney’s fees from the other side if we’re successful, we may pursue the case on that basis. The third option is for the client to pay the firm on an hourly basis. There may even be some combination of these options. Again, all of these options are discussed in greater detail with the client.