Steven Granberg

Attorney at Law, P.A.


Security Clearances

Steve Grandberg, Attorney at Law P.A., is a security clearance lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Wondering how to get a security clearance?  Need to retain or recovery a security clearance?

If you are applying for a security clearance for employment or need security clearance with the Department of Energy, we can help. Whether you need to retain a security clearance or apply for a security clearance we can assist you through the process.   We work with federal employees, government contractors, and employees of national laboratories to help you with any security clearance issues.

Security clearances issues involving DOE or DOD security clearances, especially for employees of national laboratories (Sandia, or Los Alamos) or their subcontractors. We can help you retain or recover clearances, particularly if steps are taken early enough in the process. Talk to Steve Grandberg, security clearance lawyer about any questions you have about the legal process of applying for or recovering a security clearance.