Steven Granberg

Attorney at Law, P.A.



An education lawyer represents parents and their school children in cases where a student is denied access to public school education or has faced discrimination due to special needs or disabilities.

Education for students with disabilities is a civil right. Each public school in New Mexico is required to provide appropriate education to all students. If your child’s school is pushing your son or daughter out of the educational process, through things like not following the IEP or physically restraining your child, or frequently suspending your child — the school is likely in violation of federal law (IDEA or Section 504) and we want to help you achieve a solution.

If you believe your child has been treated unfairly due to special needs, denied eligible for an IEP, or if the IEP is not being followed at school, an education lawyer may be able to help you.  We can help you understand your child’s legal rights to an appropriate education. Talk to our experienced Albuquerque education lawyer with any questions you have regarding federal and New Mexico education laws.