Steven Granberg

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Workplace harassment and bullying are unfortunately extremely common.  A workplace harassment lawyer can help you determine your options. Many employees deal with the stress and turmoil of workplace harassment and believer there is nothing that can be done.  Some might consider talking to an employment attorney, but fear there will be some type of workplace retaliation.  This is where we can help.

Sexual and other kinds of harassment at work or other places is common. As you can see from our “Common Questions” section, words and phrases like “harassment” and “hostile work environment” can have unique and specific legal definitions which would seem unusual to most people, especially those victimized. We can help make sure you realize the differences to your advantage.

Read through our common questions section. If you believe you are dealing with illegal workplace harassment, or want help understanding your legal rights contact Steve Granberg, an Albuquerque workplace harassment lawyer, to discuss your rights under federal and New Mexico laws.