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We are a small law firm and we focus mainly on civil rights, employment, education, and personal injury law. These four broad terms cover a lot of ground, and invariably overlap when it comes to solving our clients’ problems.

In the legal world, we are characterized as plaintiffs’ attorneys because in the vast majority of cases, we represent people who have been harmed by governments, employers, school systems, negligent parties and others who may have violated the state or federal Constitution, statutes, regulations, and court decisions (common law).

We try to respond to all inquiries. We try to talk with anyone who calls about his or her problem, but we get a lot more questions than we have time to answer thoughtfully and thoroughly. In order to assist us and potential clients, we’ve developed a FAQ and questionnaires on legal issues which are often brought to us. The FAQ and the questions should give you some idea about what the law requires to prove a claim.

The questionnaires are more in-depth and should help you determine whether you have a case. The questions are the same ones we’d ask in an interview, and trying to answer these questions will help us to evaluate a claim better and quicker. At the same time, if you feel uncomfortable about providing any of this information, just call.